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                   /____/   low effort blogging for me, by me
ck 2021/11/27(Sat)14:33 No.1638019983
file: 1638019983.jpg (0.09MB, image/jpeg)
last night when drinking I wanted to make a post on my own blog/thread thing, just some stupid thoughts with an image of the drunk cat. but then I realized I never got around to making that blog page, so here it is.
its setup as simple as I could come up with, a timestamp_post.txt and a timestamp.ext to make up the post with image. then some terrible php to turn that into actual posts in this thread, and an endpoint for me to make posts.
thats all it is, quite like it tbh
ck 2021/11/27(Sat)23:24 No.1638051856
file: 1638051856.png (1.65MB, image/png)
so now that the full toolchain for comfy posting is setup I want to start off with sharing my festive sip atm.
late night bodged cream coffee:
- some advocaat (dutch thicker eggnog)
- add vodka until desired viscosity
- fill up with roughly 1/3 black coffee
ck 2021/11/27(Sat)23:34 No.1638052482
file: 1638052482.gif (0.03MB, image/gif)
wonder if it makes more sense to do this blog thread thing with new posts at the bottom or top, imageboards go with the former, and it'd make more sense to me. but all the current social media infinite scroll garbage goes with adding new stuff at the top.
might just add a little '#latest' label to go to the bottom, or since this post will still be in the top anyway let me tell you here to go there.

some more reflecting; its my blog im going to add new posts wherever I like, and I even threw on a #latest point at the bottom if you dont want to press page down or end
ck 2021/11/28(Sun)14:41 No.1638106873
not sure why anyone would ever want to keep track of this, but I did add an rss since thats what all the cool places seem to do now.
enjoy: https://xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g/blog/rss/
ck 2021/12/01(Wed)20:34 No.1638387294
file: 1638387294.png (2.65MB, image/png)
its that time of year again, merry decembermas. this year with real christmas tree.
recommended sips: lidl glühwein, dont bother picking up any more expensive ones or from other supermarkets, the lidl one is the nicest one. the only thing it lacks is alcohol % at only 8.5% abv, but its still nice with some vodka mixed in.
ck 2021/12/04(Sat)12:52 No.1638618747
file: 1638618747.webm (4.27MB, video/webm)
>there is now greentext
<and even redtext
rejoice; me, myself and I
ck 2021/12/06(Mon)19:00 No.1638813603
small PSA to also not bother buying advocaat unless its the lidl one, one from another supermarket had rosemary in it.
take care out there
ck 2021/12/09(Thu)20:56 No.1639079810
file: 1639079810.png (1.58MB, image/png)
so today I picked up another bottle of alcohol, as you do to celebrate the work day being over. and while I wasnt paying attention the cashier gift wrapped my bottle of stroh rum.
this gift wrapped bottle of discount rum (only 12.99 for 1l) with alcohol themed paper just sums up this month so well I thought I'd make a post about it.
look forward to how it'll do with the advocaat this weekend.

cheers all
ck 2021/12/10(Fri)21:05 No.1639166731
file: 1639166731.png (1.91MB, image/png)
another weekend another creamy holiday mix,
stroh rum and advocaat, or 'eggrog':
- some nice amount of stroh rum, take care if its the 80% abv
- add advocaat to desired creaminess

it really works surprisingly well, possibly also a good mix for jager but I've yet to try that.
as mentioned in >>1638051856 could also use eggnog, probably
ck 2021/12/10(Fri)23:55 No.1639176932
file: 1639176932.png (0.42MB, image/png)
if I close my eyes it burns like alcohol, also gluhwein with stroh is also a very valid mix
that is all havea nice weekend
ck 2021/12/17(Fri)21:10 No.1639771835
file: 1639771835.png (1.43MB, image/png)
sad news, advocaat and jager doesnt really mix. I think the problem is the jager is already pretty sugary so it just turns into sweeter even thicker jager, and I just dont like sweet stuff enough to enjoy this experience. if you like the idea of overly sweet liquorish in drink form, go for it though.
same mix as the stroh add advocaat till desired creaminess.

I for one will be sticking with my pure jager shots and 'eggrog'
ck 2021/12/27(Mon)19:16 No.1640628985
file: 1640628985.JPG (2.69MB, image/jpeg)
>setting up the site for small width due to my browsing setup has caused it to somewhat work for phones
please note that if this by any chance is also the case on your mobile device, it wasnt intentional.

this concludes the psa.
smartphones and their consequences have been a disaster for the internet and technology as a whole. I look forward to the day I no longer need to carry the one issued by work.
ck 2021/12/29(Wed)20:55 No.1640807730
file: 1640807730.png (1.26MB, image/png)
this lidl 'vermouth blanco' I picked up because they were out of glühwein: surprisingly good.
for some reason it just tastes exactly like cough syrup, and its great! the slightly sweet stingy mediciny taste of it goes very well cold on a wintery evening. as its only 14.5% abv though and a bit on the sweet side it can benefit from being strengthened with some vodka, besides that its pretty much perfect.

if you're ever at the lidl at the section that normally has the advocaat and glühwein in stock but they're all out because its near some holiday, pick some up by all means, definitely an okay winter sip.
ck 2021/12/31(Fri)00:33 No.1640907182
file: 1640907182.png (1.75MB, image/png)
RE, I guess: new years resolution (https://yukinu.com/blog/new-years-resolution.html)
I dont do any kind of new years resolution as some people do, but I do pretend to have goals like 'unfuck life this year hopefully'. which I intend to carry over from 2020 to 2022 as 2021 was a disaster in that regard.

on another note, cheers to all webring and blogging lads this year, its been fun and a pretty relaxing form of posting. while I do think I prefer regular nearly dead forums for back and forth chat just throwing random things happening atm out there is quite nice to do on a personal blog. it's also a good speed for my current life where I dont have much time on my hands and get back to stuff mostly the day after, similar to forums but more long lasting.
cheers to all trying to keep the old web vibes alive, hope to see it expand to more people and sites in 2022.
merry holidays and happy hacking.
ck 2022/01/01(Sat)15:22 No.1641046973
file: 1641046973.jpg (0.28MB, image/jpeg)
after seeing how nice and within spec attachments/enclosures on yukinus rss worked I decided to go with throwing any images or other files I attach in my blog posts in there in the rss feed.
I'm less reluctant to do it this way than adding more html into the posts. cant see any rss readers choking on it since they can just ignore the enclosure field, but let me know if they do.

due to readers caching posts it'll probably not show up on old posts unless you readd the feed, but you'll see it in this post at least, which contains a very useful image. at least now if I ever make a post including a picture with some schematic or drawing it'll also go over rss, the 2022 bleeding edge of technology experience.
ck 2022/01/01(Sat)15:53 No.1641048834
can pretty much nvm this point entirely, while it works fine in thunderbird, and has been a part of the spec since the 2000s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_enclosure, it just doesnt seem to work on any of the random other rss feed reader sites I'm testing, so its probably not widely adopted. whatever I guess.
if you want to see the images you can just go to the site like always, I made all attempts I'm willing to do to add the file into the rss feed as well.

bit of a shame really quite liked this as solution to bringing the attachments over to the rss feed.
ck 2022/01/08(Sat)22:35 No.1641677707
file: 1641677707.png (1.54MB, image/png)
back to the regular weekend sips, this is pretty much what I'm drinking 9/10 times.
a mix of coffee and bottomshelf vodka, my preferred method of preparing it:
- cold black coffee, just fill the entire mug
- drink some, maybe 1/3 of it or something
- fill it back up with vodka
- repeat throughout evening

this is a very versatile mix, since the strength will change depending on how far you get into the evening. it'll work fine for short evenings as it doesnt get that potent, and will get you plenty the way there in weekends.
ck 2022/01/15(Sat)21:59 No.1642280348
file: 1642280348.png (1.69MB, image/png)
I really like the lidl selection of dried sausage, if thats the proper english translation
especially the pepper one(left) is great because no one ever buys it, they're pretty cheap too and go down great as drinking snacks. as for drinks, still drinking the vodka coffee and lidl cough syrup tasting wine mixes, not much to talk about there. every time I pick up more flavored alcohols like rum or even whiskey I somewhat regret bothering so I'm probably just going to stick to random vodka mixes and plain vodka for the forseeable future, unless something interesting is on sale at the liquor store.

thats really all, I plan to make some more technology related posts in the future dont worry.
ck 2022/01/21(Fri)20:49 No.1642794578
file: 1642794578.png (1.8MB, image/png)
I know I promised technology related, but whatever its my blog anyway I can post whatever abysmal content I want.
this evening its mandarin vodka, as in mandarin in vodka. it knocks down the sweetness of the mandarin and gets rid of some of the rubbing alcohol taste of the vodka afterwords, a win win in my book, hell its probably even some form of healthy because theres fruit in it.

something something the true dutch drink because of cheapest dutch vodka + orange (mandarin) together at last
ck 2022/01/28(Fri)21:42 No.1643402546
file: 1643402546.png (1.68MB, image/png)
enjoying a college classic tonight, vodka and redbull. normally I wouldnt get redbull but it was on bulk sale today so I treated myself to make this nostalgic mix.
its just roughly 60/40, the light sparkling and taste is real nice, drinks away as easy as just redbull without being overly sweet, highly recommended for any nightly activities.

also so I can keep myself reminded of it, I will be posting a slightly more detailed structural overview of this blogging setup I have here. I saw some other anons in the lain webring post about how they set up theirs and I got motivated to write up some about this shitposting thread/blog I have here.

PS: might forget anyway in which case look forward to the next shitty vodka mix I'm drinking, cheers
ck 2022/01/28(Fri)22:53 No.1643406838
file: 1643406838.png (1.45MB, image/png)
instead of doing any of that, mixed up an entire batch of classic redbull + vodka, see you lads tomorrwo take care
ck 2022/01/29(Sat)14:54 No.1643464458
file: 1643464458.png (0.45MB, image/png)
so, that post explaining this blog backend in more detail, here it is in all its horror.
basically its still as explained in the first post >>1638019983 but with extra formatting and rss. a typical workflow looks like this:
1) do a vim /tmp/whatever and write up a post
2) decide if I want to make/find an image or attachment to add to it
3) run my small curl wrapper script for a post request to the site, blog.sh /tmp/whatever /path/to/img.ext
4) api will handle the post:
    - format post with title header
    - move to /blog/timestamp_post.txt
    - move attachment to /blog/timestamp.ext
5) get a link to the post back to throw at someone

then, when a request to the page or rss are made the backends will generate either the html page or rss xml from these files, all formatting like clickable links, post references, green/red text and image attachments in the rss are all done in the generation step.
I realize I couldve done this with caching, generating the page only if a new post is made for both site and rss, but I like it being realtime made from the files so I can easily edit posts or images without rerunning anything. if it ends up ever not scaling anymore I'll throw in some simple logic to only generate the pages on new posts.
also see the hastily scribbled down overview in the pic related.

*** B O N U S P O S T - morning after drinking too much revival steps ***
so that redbull mix drank away way too easy, and I thought I'd share my methods of getting back up and running when waking up absolutely wrecked from such an experience. this has always helped me get back into the world of the living:
- drink some water when waking up, just to get a head start
- shower, use plenty of soap, try not to fall
- get some cereal
- throw in a lot of raisins
- add plenty milk
- when or during consuming that mix up the following drink in a large glass:
    - spoon of honey
    - some ginger, preferably the syrop stuff
    - bit of lemon juice
    - top up with water
after having gone through all these steps you should start to feel like you still have organs left, and maybe even feel like you could drink again this evening.
ck 2022/02/04(Fri)23:04 No.1644012294
file: 1644012294.png (1.37MB, image/png)
tonoight in cheap snack and drinks weekend:
I found an even less selling lidl sausage, garlic dried sausage
the camera is all sticky from last weeks redbull vodka experience
vodka and coffee is still a great mix

that is all have a good weekend
ck 2022/02/12(Sat)00:36 No.1644622612
file: 1644622612.png (1.68MB, image/png)
thats right, I've got nothing, so heres a quick discount vodka review
tito's, some american made vodka, very overpriced but on sale now:
    pretty nice, smooth and with a hint of sweetness, slight bite
gorlovka bottom shelf dutch vodka:
    my go to, cheap and decent, bit rubbing alcohol tasting
zubrowka, that meme grass vodka:
    pricy, just tastes of grass slightly, not really feeling it
ck 2022/02/12(Sat)23:06 No.1644703588
file: 1644703588.png (1.83MB, image/png)
tired of drinking stuff neat not giving the same comforting burn anymore?
try some stroh 80, it still mostly tastes like the regular stroh even.

ps, its not a problem its a solution. I'll figure out something more technical to post here one day, I'm also working on some new pcb designs for an ssh controlled relay board, if that ever goes anywhere I'll be sure to document some of the developments here
ck 2022/02/20(Sun)00:25 No.1645313125
file: 1645313125.png (1.83MB, image/png)
imagine this, you have your nice lidl air dried salami that was on sale. the casing is slightly fibery but tastes alright overall. then at half way down the second sausage you look at the packaging and it reads "sausage casing not edible".
why are these things allowed, why do casings taste fine/great if they're not supposed to be eaten, what is it even made of.

that is all, see it as a public service anouncement or something, btw it still tastes fine and I will also eat the last of sausge I have left including the casing
ck 2022/02/27(Sun)00:07 No.1645916868
file: 1645916868.png (1.74MB, image/png)
ck 2022/03/04(Fri)20:51 No.1646423472
file: 1646423472.png (1.65MB, image/png)
its been one of those weeks,
'hard kompot':
- fruit of choice, grapes were looking nice
- vodka
- other liquor of choice, I had stroh 80 still to spice it up
- optionally jam, didnt have any

have a good one
ck 2022/03/15(Tue)19:44 No.1647369879
file: 1647369879.png (0.01MB, image/png)
so that 'ssh controlled relay board' from >>1644703588 isnt quite going as planned. I'm now at the stage of instead making a simple atmega + ethernet interface board, hear me out here
- no need to deal with wireless
- no need to deal with bigger mcus
- ability to use poe (less wiring for me)
- can still do ssh anyway behind an internal only vlan and existing home server as ssh interface

having worked out what I actually wanted I'm currently throwing together a board based on part scarcity motivated junk including: atmega16u4 mcu, enc28j60 ethernet interface, xs2100s poe controller. so far its going 'alright', at this speed I should have something to order prototypes of in a couple weeks, maybe parts arriving to see if it blows up in the next months.

if any chinese manufacturer stumbles upon this great idea please steal it and make it for me so I dont have to deal with working out all the details.
ck 2022/03/22(Tue)23:19 No.1647987546
file: 1647987546.png (0.39MB, image/png)
>all images are now smoll gif thumbnails
as multiple people pointed out and I noticed too it was very slow to load the pictures before, hopefully this helps

very lazily implemented where it generates the thumb on lack of one in the main data parsing, but it works
ck 2022/03/26(Sat)11:42 No.1648291356
file: 1648291356.png (1.43MB, image/png)
quick aditional tip on surviving from drinking to death day after, pickle sticks are very nice as bonus snacks after the steps in >>1643464458.
have a good one, cheers
ck 2022/04/10(Sun)15:55 No.1649598918
file: 1649598918.png (1.26MB, image/png)
the weather is getting warmer again and I hate it

that is all, good luck again this week
ck 2022/04/13(Wed)21:40 No.1649878802
file: 1649878802.png (2.26MB, image/png)
dust, I like dust
dont bother cleaning it'll only be single digits temperature differences
remember you can only keep it 'clean' for a short while but it can stay 'dusty' forever

for the record this psu still works, I've only swapped it because the cables were starting to annoy me. it will be repurposed for a bodged fixed voltage bench supply later
ck 2022/04/15(Fri)21:09 No.1650049741
file: 1650049741.png (1.82MB, image/png)
the easter weekend, discount jenevers (dutch gin).
both were on sale, so a quick compare:
    claims to be double distilled and extra smooth, tastes like it as well very smooth with a slight grainy afternotes
    doesnt mention anything fancy, tastes very natural in a good way, clean taste of the juniper and grain

should mention these are both what they call 'young' jenever, which tends to not be as grainy and rich tasting as the older variant. but that does make it quite a lot cheaper.
out of the two I think ketel1 is my favorite mainly because they mention still using a coal heated still and its slightly less sweet. but both are nice and will do me well these days
if you do ever find yourself in a jenever rich store I still recommend my favorite, 'oude graan jenever', the 'old' variant of jenever, which is very natural with a stronger grainy aftertaste but as mentioned before more pricy.

cheers, take it easy, merry eastermas
ck 2022/04/23(Sat)01:40 No.1650670855
file: 1650670855.png (1.14MB, image/png)
throat hurts and still want to drink?
throw in a random assortment of cough drops with some clear liquor

thats all enjoy, remember theres always a way
ck 2022/04/23(Sat)12:21 No.1650709316
file: 1650709316.png (1.43MB, image/png)
>feel like shit all week
>decide I want to drink anyway last night
<actually feel great waking up today
life is joke
ck 2022/05/01(Sun)01:09 No.1651360143
for years, possibly longer, ever since I did file hosting with nginx. I've always claimed 'encoding is still fucked', as it didnt correctly do unicode in text files and other places. it was kinda fixed with setting it on mimetypes but that caused more problems. similarly I could also fix it only for html but then that still didnt fix it when linking ot plaintext directly. anyways turns out you only need this one thing on server scope:
charset utf8;

thats it, no need to fuck with mimetypes or other things, just add that and it'll all work out.
ck 2022/05/14(Sat)20:12 No.1652551929
file: 1652551929.png (2.16MB, image/png)
drinking projects, not games or snacks but small things to assemble while drinking an evening away. chinese kits or board design/pcb assembly in general is great for this.
so last night I built this little geiger counter I forgot I ordered. a cajoe v1.1, they even have a github https://github.com/2969773606/GeigerCounter-V1.1
that aside, soldering and drinking are a great combo, you get to enjoy the flux fumes, lead, burn your fingers, excuse poor motor skills under the comfort of light alcohol poisoning.

thats all, enjoy. on a side note non of my questionable chinese items were radioactive which is also nice to know
ck 2022/05/20(Fri)22:38 No.1653079101
file: 1653079101.png (1.8MB, image/png)
this weekend in 'it shouldnt work but it does', pickles(including the water from the jar) with vodka. after seeing this in a couple hardbass videos I decided to give it a go.
despite what you might imagine it works suprisingly okay. it takes off the sharp vodka notes a lot quicker than sweet mixers, just a tiny bit of pickle and the flavor is completely pickle with only light hints of vodka.
overall pretty refreshing, would recommend over sweet options, better without the water as its more subtle that way.

music to enjoy your abysmal mix with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKmZALFvvP0

that is all have a good one, cheers
ck 2022/06/04(Sat)14:02 No.1654344130
file: 1654344130.png (1.35MB, image/png)
with it getting warmer I have some summer day sips. its actually very close to that thing I drink after waking up wasted, but with some alcohol.
refreshing 'water':
- biggest glass you can find
- squirt/spoon/whatever of lemon juice
- spoon of jam for the fruity summer feel
- bit of ginger syrup or something else fresh
- fill bit more than half with cold/icy water
- fill rest with vodka or spirit of choice

enjoy, have a good one, dont take me wrong I still hate summer but that doesnt mean I cant enjoy drinking during it
ck 2022/06/13(Mon)21:03 No.1655147036
file: 1655147036.png (1.32MB, image/png)
>"nah man setup fingerprint entry for thumb and index its foolproof to always work"
>get bread out the oven a bit quick last week

shitposting aside I dont have fingerprint unlock setup anywhere shits retarded, the idea just amused me.
thats all enjoy trying to steal my identity from these closup finger pics.
ck 2022/06/18(Sat)13:32 No.1655551929
file: 1655551929.png (0.01MB, image/png)
either namecheap broke it or I bought it too many times, but somehow whois hiding is free for me now. congratsulations myself
ck 2022/06/18(Sat)15:44 No.1655559842
file: 1655559842.png (1.3MB, image/png)
apparently its been like that ever since gdpr for every site, they just still put it as FREE Forever! in the cart.
ck 2022/06/19(Sun)01:05 No.1655593536
file: 1655593536.png (1.26MB, image/png)
the liquor store lady just assumed I was going to drink it right away I guess and wrapped it up hobo sip style. usually I tell her its not needed but I just thanked her this time. overall okay experience.

I have nothing else to post here this weekend, cheers have a good one
ck 2022/06/23(Thu)21:23 No.1656012212
file: 1656012212.png (0.12MB, image/png)
multipost wall: the story of the amp and the why
>come home
>hot as hell, hardware dying everywhere
>turn on amp to listen to some tunes
>nothing, no standby light no relay click
>dig it out and open it up
ck 2022/06/23(Thu)21:24 No.1656012282
file: 1656012282.png (1.37MB, image/png)
>no power on transformer
>no 12v to switch relay which switches on transformer which supplies the 12v
>bypass relay with wire
ck 2022/06/23(Thu)21:28 No.1656012492
file: 1656012492.png (1.42MB, image/png)
>solder in more permanent bypass
>close it up, still works
the only thing this changes is now the moment it has power the transformer is also on,
but I switch power to my entire desk junk anyway every time I turn it on.

on a sidenote, while this seems an alright-ish format for multipic posts I
might have to consider a way to add multiple pictures.
or collage them in gimp beforehand
either way cheers, remember to enjoy the breaking and fixing of your junk
ck 2022/06/23(Thu)21:36 No.1656012997
file: 1656012997.png (1.61MB, image/png)
bonus post, the bonus screws from this endeavor
ck 2022/06/27(Mon)23:43 No.1656366220
file: 1656366220.png (1.82MB, image/png)
little sip snakk post
- left over sausage end
- semechki, sunflower seed kernels
- salt
ck 2022/07/01(Fri)22:28 No.1656707287
file: 1656707287.png (1.95MB, image/png)
quick review of more vodkers gotten for cheap, russian this time
belenkaya vodka gold imported:
    very smooth, weirdly so even
russian standard:
    see this a lot, it feels like a more 'premium' vodka. it still has the after burn but the initial taste is nice and neutral
base condition goto gorlovka buttom shelf dutch vodka:
    rubbing alcohol taste, I got used to it dont even mind it, mixes well

final verdict, not sure why anyone would bother but good to know what russian bottled and distilled™ vodka is like. have a good one cheers

ck 2022/07/02(Sat)22:28 No.1656793707
file: 1656793707.png (1.37MB, image/png)
this fucking stuff right here, licor43. also picked it up together with the smooth vodkas.
let me tell you this is absolutely lethal, its so sweet and syrope you can use it as mixer for vodka or anything else. but its all a farse as it on its own is already 31% abv.
together with the danger of sweet and alcohol this drinks away like negative nothing, you can add substancial amounts of ethanol to it before it even starts tasting like alcohol. beware when sipping syropy sips of this illusion.

I think I'll keep it as mixer for summer sips and try to avoid it for heavy evening drinking as it makes everything drink away like soda

that is all enjoy the weekend cheers
ck 2022/07/22(Fri)20:27 No.1658514470
file: 1658514470.png (1.52MB, image/png)
tonight in: it is warm but I must drink
slightly freezer burned pineapple and vodka

thats really all I got nothing cheers lads
ck 2022/07/28(Thu)22:22 No.1659039747
file: 1659039747.png (0.44MB, image/png)
lately I've been feeling physically sick unless I drink, either an abundance of health or a lack thereoff.
on the plus side its almost weekend where I can drink fulltime again.
have a good one

ck 2022/07/29(Fri)21:17 No.1659122255
file: 1659122255.png (1.63MB, image/png)
vodker melon
ck 2022/08/05(Fri)20:29 No.1659724194
file: 1659724194.png (1.88MB, image/png)
due to the success of last week vodker melon is back. this time I bought a different cheaper watermelon, bit more watery, more melonwater to add to the vodka. very summery and dangerously easy to drink away.

have a good one, fuck summer, fuck prices of everything.
ck 2022/08/07(Sun)11:51 No.1659865894
file: 1659865894.png (0.07MB, image/png)
the weekend is over
everythign tatstes and smells like alcohol and nicotine
the weather is still shit
theres no houses on the market
have a merry week fuckers
ck 2022/08/12(Fri)21:37 No.1660333067
file: 1660333067.png (1.26MB, image/png)
whiskey, on sale glen talloch this time
I just dont really care for it, its only that it was on sale and pretty much the same price as the vodka I normally get. if anything it just drinks away too easy. dont even bother 1/10

cheers have a good one
ck 2022/08/19(Fri)20:55 No.1660935339
file: 1660935339.png (1.77MB, image/png)
maybe the real use of whiskey and flavored alchols that are too smooth neat was pastries all along, heres a whiskey apple pie
- apples
- pastry of random recipe
- apple mixture made with whiskey
- topping also whiskey
- cook until it looks done 250°C
ck 2022/08/21(Sun)12:28 No.1661077684
file: 1661077684.png (1.87MB, image/png)
moining omeletters
ck 2022/09/05(Mon)19:07 No.1662397626
file: 1662397626.png (0.02MB, image/png)
non drinking post, shocking I know.
that shitty poe board from >>1647369879 should be orderable within this year, mostly saying this so I feel slightly more obligated to finish up the last bits.
the biggest hurdle of how to cheaply and conviniently split up the poe voltage has been solved with some lm257s. one slightly more expensive 'high voltage' for the incoming to 12v, then two low voltage adjustable ones for 5v and 3.3v. all I really need to sit down and do is find some nice components for the coils and draw everything on the pcb.

that is all, no new drinkening has been happening its just been the same vodka mixes.
ck 2022/09/24(Sat)17:07 No.1664032062
file: 1664032062.png (1.71MB, image/png)
the government doesnt want you to see this but anything that is a 'tool' is legal to carry unlike very strictly regulated knife laws.
you can just buy these in gardening centers

have a nice weekend
ck 2022/10/09(Sun)20:16 No.1665339404
I just finally finished the last of this bottle, man I really dont care for whiskey
ck 2022/10/31(Mon)21:03 No.1667246603
file: 1667246603.png (1.53MB, image/png)
bought ans house
>no more rent
>freedom of fucking around
>instant boomer respect
<massive debt

all round would recommend 8/10
ck 2022/11/08(Tue)22:31 No.1667943106
file: 1667943106.JPG (0.55MB, image/jpeg)
because I dont think I've mentioned this here. a little PSA:
does your neighbor have some fancy wireless sensors? they're giving all that data away for free at 433MHz, all you need is a dirt cheap rtl sdr.
if I can be bothered I might even make this into some dashboard thing now that I'm closer to people having usable sensors. most of the tire pressure sensors are allover the place with temperature but I can imagine an interesting graph with different broadcasting sensors and their temperatures over time. at the very least I dont have to worry about monitoring outside temps.

that is all cheers
ck 2022/11/12(Sat)23:37 No.1668292662
file: 1668292662.png (2.04MB, image/png)
improved 'white russian' that came up in a discussion:
- put in whipped cream from can
- add strong coffee
- add vodka to taste

much nicer and less sweet than the actual 'white russian'
ck 2022/11/18(Fri)19:36 No.1668796582
file: 1668796582.png (0.84MB, image/png)
butter than top
ck 2022/11/19(Sat)21:04 No.1668888253
file: 1668888253.png (0.17MB, image/png)
so I found out another liquor store is nearby recently, and they have their own brand of bottomshelf vodka. 'flokoff'
on the downside its like 2 bux more expensive than the bottomshelf brand of the other store but on the positive side it does go up to 40% unlike the other 37.5%.
so a quick review is due I think:
+ still cheap
+ actual vodka %
+ slightly less rubbing alcohol tasting
- less cheap
- store is further away

overall a definite would buy again 9/10
ck 2022/11/19(Sat)22:49 No.1668894555
file: 1668894555.png (1.78MB, image/png)
the 'egg walker' experience, first cursed mix of the holiday season:
- add advocaat (dutch alcoholic custard)
- add johnnie walker or any whiskey really, just happened to have this
- fancy long spoon and glass optional but helps

enjoy, cheers
ck 2022/11/28(Mon)20:13 No.1669662781
file: 1669662781.png (1.4MB, image/png)
while complaining about not being able to buy rakija someone told me about the turkish raki. and it seems the goto brand 'yeni raki' is sold here. its a very heavy anise tasting spirit around the 40-50%, mine was 45% and still tastes mostly of anise with only an aftertaste and light burn of the spirit. overall very refreshing 8/10, would make a very nice mixer for sure for things that go well with anise, maybe something to try with my wintery custard/cream abominations.

ck 2022/11/28(Mon)20:38 No.1669664309
revision, after drinking some and still having snacks left its actually absolutely amazing. the slight anise aftertate goes great with food and snacks. 9/10 easily, great winter experience.
ck 2022/12/02(Fri)20:19 No.1670008741
file: 1670008741.png (0.85MB, image/png)
merry decembermas
ck 2022/12/03(Sat)15:08 No.1670076492
file: 1670076492.JPG (0.11MB, image/jpeg)
this image was taken with a sony Mavica floppy camera that I found in this place
bask in the quality
ck 2022/12/03(Sat)15:10 No.1670076617
file: 1670076617.png (1.82MB, image/png)
another picture of the beauty itself when I got around the battery not working
ck 2022/12/05(Mon)20:10 No.1670267416
file: 1670267416.png (1.68MB, image/png)
another raki abomination, this time 'beeraki':
- pour glass of beer
- pour in raki till it goes proper cloudy

very refreshing and wintery
ck 2022/12/13(Tue)20:40 No.1670960401
file: 1670960401.png (1.95MB, image/png)
recently I sadly enough ruined the original keyboard of my thinkpad t520 which I've had since forever. not wanting to spend money for some oem reseller or caring enough to look for a replacement I embraded my meme options and went with the cheapest aliexpress listing, even had the option to throw on russian moonrunes.
you can really feel every cent, its that type of plastic that feels like it could shatter any second. but it types alright ish, just chinks up the thinkpad experience by like 300%.

if I still dailied this for anything other than watching anime or shitposting on irc from bed it'd probably be not so great, but for now its alright solid 6/10 experience, and the aesthetics are there.
ck 2022/12/18(Sun)14:52 No.1671371542
file: 1671371542.png (1.55MB, image/png)
bottoms up
new week ahead
ck 2022/12/18(Sun)21:12 No.1671394370
file: 1671394370.png (0.11MB, image/png)
hardest laundry day of my life
survived, back to drinking

cheers, take it easy
ck 2022/12/28(Wed)21:41 No.1672260061
missed the xmas post moment,
     merry latemas and early 2023
ck 2023/01/06(Fri)21:56 No.1673038616
file: 1673038616.png (1.69MB, image/png)
got around to messing with the server and lack ikea table, actually fits perfectly you just need some random brackets because theres no way you can fit any mounting hardware inbetween there.
too lazy to move over all the powered on stuff to this table but I think I can make a nice server/network pile on it, left a little space on the top to shove small devices such as non rack switch and guest router. old server can just sit ontop of it.
hopefully a followup soon when I can be assed to move stuff over.

take it easy cheers
ck 2023/01/21(Sat)01:59 No.1674262762
file: 1674262762.png (2.32MB, image/png)
turned out to be dead from moving and neglatance, reseated everything and replaced all batteries I could see. seems to boot again now I have to rescue/resintall/upgrade xcp ng which was on it and move the mediaserver to a vm on it. might go with 'rocky linux' this time which seems to be the new centos these days.

thats all cheers have a good one, probably going to take a while before moving everything over due to being too lazy to turn the old stuff off and physically plug over cabling
ck 2023/01/27(Fri)22:23 No.1674854591
file: 1674854591.png (1.59MB, image/png)
quick weed post, got back into weed, living the full dutch experience
never got fully into the joint smoking but this meme lighter heated vaporizer is a pretty neat experience
pairs well with drinking too, would recommend

that is all cheers, enjoy the weekends and free time to come while you can
ck 2023/02/16(Thu)21:45 No.1676580350
file: 1676580350.webm (0.21MB, video/webm)
so teknik just suddenly bailed (thanks uncled) meaning my main internet existing ckat@teknik.io mail was /dev/null for some time. please redirect any of your internet yelling to the new cursed double domain ckath@yandex.com or ckath@yandex.ru that I dug up from the grave of mails used before switching shit to teknik
ck 2023/03/17(Fri)23:47 No.1679093236
file: 1679093236.png (2.06MB, image/png)
not sure if I've posted it before here, anyway it worked again
the 'my throat hurts and I feel sick should I drink' sip:
- vodka
- honey
- anything else that seems good to throat (ginger, cough mints etc)
sip slowly till numbed than continue drinking normally
ck 2023/03/26(Sun)03:12 No.1679793130
file: 1679793130.png (0MB, image/png)
fuck daylight savings,
     that is all cheers
ck 2023/04/07(Fri)21:16 No.1680894977
file: 1680894977.png (1.56MB, image/png)
[mariachi music starts]
merry easter, pickedup some tequiler and advocaat
ck 2023/04/09(Sun)02:08 No.1680998904
file: 1680998904.png (1.58MB, image/png)
superglued nail back onto finger, thats all really cheers
ck 2023/04/21(Fri)19:27 No.1682098070
file: 1682098070.png (1.01MB, image/png)
got some orange 'beers' that were at the liquor store because its almost national dutch kingday.
turns out they're 30% abv bitters, tastes like a syrupy spirit with an orange flavor. really not bad, benefits from being mixed with some vodka to cut down the sweetness.
cheap as dirt as well somehow, if you see it get it 8/10
ck 2023/04/27(Thu)22:50 No.1682628621
file: 1682628621.png (1.47MB, image/png)
I know it took a while but I got the server up and running mentioned in >>1673038616 in the end the fans even at idle were too much, as was the heat. so I put it in another random room I currently use for storage, main router was there anyway.
so far it seems to boot again and stay on fine, xcp-ng wasnt too bad to update just some yum update and a couple clicks in the web environment to get it all good again. for now I only threw the irc bot on there and have yet to move the mediaserver which I want to give a rocky linux vm.

so far so good, thats all cheers. also had an early weekend hence the non weekend post
ck 2023/05/26(Fri)21:49 No.1685130581
file: 1685130581.png (1.19MB, image/png)
tequila again, this time 'reposado' because it was on sale
>look up what reposado means
>yeah we just put the clear stuff in this barrel and it becomes yellow
>video ends
its alright though, maybe slightly 'grainier' taste, wouldnt be worth it if it was more than regular but this was cheaper due to it being on sale
would recommend as well good times cheers
ck 2023/06/01(Thu)18:47 No.1685638075
file: 1685638075.png (1.53MB, image/png)
'hifi' 'stereo' junk you just stack on living room cabinets, I like it, why did it ever die out. on the plus side these things cost nothing now on the second hand market.

thats all really, might get a vcr with some small crt or a record player to top it off.
ck 2023/06/09(Fri)20:32 No.1686335560
file: 1686335560.png (1.37MB, image/png)
they had my favorite jenever, rutte oude graanjenever on sale.
good times good weekend enjoy lads, technical posting soon possibly
ck 2023/06/13(Tue)20:12 No.1686679953
file: 1686679953.png (2.21MB, image/png)
short update on the server from >>1682628621, I never actually bought it working it was also very cheap. some days ago it died, cant keep running without turning off, sometimes survives 10 minutes or so but usually doesnt. ripped out all the components, reseated, reduced configuration, not much progress.
see pic related for the state of server not working. my last ditch attempt since the raid card is just a pcie is to use the board from the old 'server' and jam everything on that, not bothering with xcp-ng but just using the data on the drive to run it all locally, hopefully the lvm and whatever xcpng was doing wont give me too much bs. to anyone reading this will keep you updated, currently ran out of power supplies (need the proper atx ones for the hotswap drive array) I'm waiting for that to arrive.
ck 2023/06/30(Fri)17:18 No.1688138326
file: 1688138326.png (1.63MB, image/png)
ck 2023/07/01(Sat)03:55 No.1688176537
file: 1688176537.png (2MB, image/png)
quick strong zero reviewening:
>double lemon
pretty nice, close to something like a bitterlemon but theres more aftertaste to the bitter. also feel like it has more sweet than an actual one. not that bad at all.
>bitter lemon
now this is a good improvement over the double lemon, just a bit less of the sweetness. really no reason to bother with the double lemon when this exists.
>grape fruit
tastes like grapefruit, again like with any of them so far cant taste much of the alcohol. prefer the bitter lemon still.
>double lime (new!)
soda again, too sweet not that amazing
>glass which had vodka and all other flavors poured into
pretty flavorfull, not too sweet but alright

in the end its more like soda than alcohol, not that amazing. would put it on the same tier as the euro available rum cola/gin tonic cans that are ~10%
ck 2023/07/06(Thu)19:07 No.1688663229
file: 1688663229.png (2.63MB, image/png)
things arent fixed yet, I'm on plan E3 step -2, piles of hardware increasing solutions far away. I'll write up a full rundown when I get to something working.
I already moved the irc bot to the small piece of shit you see in the top ish right so people stopped complaining. but still no media server or other nicities for me

at least its almost weekend drinking time, cheers
ck 2023/07/12(Wed)21:54 No.1689191691
file: 1689191691.png (2.07MB, image/png)
so I got to something that 'could' finally work now. I think this is plan E3 step 2. where step 1 was getting hardware 'working' again, as in booting and powering on while getting past the raid card option rom. and step 2 was going to be installing an os on it and seeing if I could access the old volume.
not going to ruin todays progress by trying that, thats a quest for tomorrow. current bodgery specs:
>256gb of randomly selected and sourced ddr3 ecc memory
>2x xeon e5-2670
>supermicro x9drd-7ln4f board
>proliant dl165 g7 case and hot swap drive bay
>6x 'fan', sort by cheapest
>hp p420 raid controller (from the g8 series)
>zalman 800w psu cut up to provide the extra cpu 4pin and cursed hp 10pin
>8x batch bought 1tb hdds
>samsung ssd for the os, not going to put all trust in raid array again to not freeze up
ck 2023/07/15(Sat)05:01 No.1689390112
file: 1689390112.webm (2.81MB, video/webm)
nothing ever fucking works, it'd be one thing if it was my own stuff but everything else keeps falling appart constantly as well. today I learned mumble just doesnt work with older servers anymore, throws up some popup about some bs security mismatches between client and server. firefox is an everlasting struggle of mozerella worsening the browser but also being forced to with the ever worsening of the web in general.
then ontop of that my own shit like the server and other projects arent up to speed, some days are tiring.

take it deasy stay alcoholated, cheers.
ck 2023/07/21(Fri)20:40 No.1689964802
file: 1689964802.png (1.69MB, image/png)
final update, it 'works' got it all setup with centos stream 9, all the old stuff that used to run on the original runs on this without any vm nonsense. basically painless after that last post, just installed and got all the fancy raid stuff working. to further cozy up the setup I managed to shuffle around some files between that and backups and redo the raid into just a single ext4 partition and not bits and pieces of the old vms.
next up on the improvements would be to mount it in the table again and make a cute little front plate for the supermicro board.

thats all really going to drink some vodka through the weekend and relax, cheers
ck 2023/07/22(Sat)00:42 No.1689979368
already fixed, trick is to force the seclevel to 0 not 1 like online places insist. basically have this file somewhere in your ~ as openssl-mumble.cnf:
openssl_conf = openssl_init

ssl_conf = ssl_sect

system_default = system_default_sect


then start mumble with OPENSSL_CONF=~/openssl-mumble.cnf mumble
problems werent, also downgraded firefox for the time being which seems to work
ck 2023/07/31(Mon)21:31 No.1690831870
file: 1690831870.png (1.69MB, image/png)
another thing I found out related to this, all air rifle restrictions nl used to have (same as germany) were lifted some years ago because they were too complicated.
no mouse or instact plaster wall stands a chance anymore within 20m range

enjoy the week
ck 2023/08/13(Sun)18:48 No.1691945287
file: 1691945287.jpg (0.13MB, image/jpeg)
>barely slept
>drank 2 bottles in 2 days
havent felt better in months, clown reality.
displays for the server have arrived btw, nice orange on black ones this time. chance of that showing up instead of more drinking posts in the next months

take it easy
ck 2023/08/22(Tue)19:53 No.1692726802
file: 1692726802.png (2.16MB, image/png)
hello fellow 4k users
ck 2023/09/03(Sun)00:22 No.1693693370
file: 1693693370.png (1.74MB, image/png)
fancy japanese suntory whisky 'toki'
its too sweet again just like the strong zero.
wasnt even that cheap either despite being on sale.

that is all have good weekend cheers
ck 2023/09/23(Sat)00:57 No.1695423458
file: 1695423458.png (1.4MB, image/png)
jameson, seen it around in american pictures. its very mediocre but not terrible. reminds me of mixing whiskey with vodka where flavor is gone instantly.

thats all really cheers, too distracted to finish other tech things still
ck 2023/10/27(Fri)16:55 No.1698418510
file: 1698418510.png (2.13MB, image/png)
bought myself a cheapo (fiddy bux) sophos firewall, sg210. after a short rabbithole trip down 'all these routers suck I dont even need wireless' I came across the wide availability and flexibility of sophos firewalls. the thing is these are just a full pc, you can install stuff on it from a usb stick, such as pfsense/opnsense what have you.
I'm still waiting for some cables and such to bodge it into my 'rack' but so far opnsense mostly seems nice.

short review notes from personal openwrt -> opnsense
- use zfs in install options
- lot more options and unconfigured things
- have to setup lan bridge and some firewall rules you'd expect default
- judging by forums dont bother if you have wireless on your device
- more enterprise feeling, seems more better

for now thats all cheers, will update when I started using it and bodged it in
ck 2023/10/28(Sat)19:04 No.1698512643
file: 1698512643.png (1.87MB, image/png)
finished, I now router on a different level. put a patch panel behind it so the ports can be on the back (cables wont reach otherwise).

>no longer have to deal with lacking, overheating consumerware, even through openwrt
>enough for medium business, definitely not the bottleneck of anything I do
>enterprise rack experience
>no wlan
<autistic definitions of things, bridged lan isnt interface, have to set firewalls per port, dns servers are like 4 checkboxes to get them non isp etc

overall bretty good fiddy bux would recommend.
ck 2023/10/28(Sat)20:39 No.1698518356
file: 1698518356.png (1.37MB, image/png)
this ballantine's btw also very nice, had some bulliet a while back and while that was a really really good october sip, this is alright as well for the price.
nice smokey ish flavor, not too cheap not overflowing with flavor like bulliet, overall bretty good if you can get it for cheap would buy again 8/10.

take it easy, cheers
ck 2023/10/29(Sun)22:10 No.1698613813
file: 1698613813.png (0.03MB, image/png)
so bufferbloat config autism in opnsense shaper, this never worked for me on openwrt because the router was junk in specs. but its quite config heavy to do in opnsense, not just install sqm and be done.

theres a lot of differing non working info so heres my tl;dr:
in firewall shaper config
- add upload and download pipe
- badwidth total -5%
- advanced, Schedule type: FlowQueue-Codel, check CoDel ECN
- add upload and download queue, mask destination for download, source for upload, check CoDel ECN again
- add upload and download rules, target the queues, direction in for download, out for upload
should work as is, theres some autism calc on what to set in 'quantum' and 'limit' of download pipe, but I've found that only makes things worse

ck 2023/11/04(Sat)00:45 No.1699055118
file: 1699055118.png (2.62MB, image/png)
got some jim beam finally, bourbon, not sure if theres many important variants. its offensively decent, nothing amazing but also not terrible.
if on sale get it I supose otherwise dont bother.

have a nice weekend, cheers
ck 2023/11/05(Sun)01:18 No.1699143495
file: 1699143495.png (1.47MB, image/png)
the cracked shotglass is no more, a moment of silence
ck 2023/11/25(Sat)19:37 No.1700937464
file: 1700937464.jpg (0.04MB, image/jpeg)
finally after many years of them getting cheaper I picked up a thermal cam on last 11.11 sale. c200 pro. some quick observactions
>couple hundred bux, just around 200 something when I picked it up
>sensor size is perfect 256x192, able to pick out components without macro and make out whats what
>quick refresh rate, looks like a 24/30, no hanging or delay either
>heavty feeling thing, nice case and all pretty good stuff
>can work as usb cam too

honestly a no brainer to not own one of these things if you do anything with electronics or even diy for isolation/leaks whatever. what a great time of cheap chink shit

thats all really, I'm drinking into christmas season with lidl sweater and some advocaat mixed with jim beam, just put up the christmas lights too. next week the real weihnachts experience starts, take care cheers
ck 2023/12/01(Fri)16:16 No.1701443763
file: 1701443763.png (1.09MB, image/png)
merrry decembermas again

gluhwein mug from christmas market this year for authentic december drinking
ck 2023/12/02(Sat)22:37 No.1701553046
file: 1701553046.png (1.3MB, image/png)
pro tip from the weihnachts market, add some whiskey/rum.
on german markets this is referred to as 'mit Schuss'

cheers, take care
ck 2024/01/10(Wed)16:41 No.1704901316
file: 1704901316.png (1.25MB, image/png)
10°C with nice bioethanol fire, a good time.
enjoy the rest of winter
ck 2024/01/25(Thu)21:57 No.1706216222
file: 1706216222.png (2.33MB, image/png)
never really cared for doing a nice job on things, always lost motivation whenever it worked. but I feel like recently its getting worse and I'm all for it. I think 2024 might be a year where I find ways to care less than I thought was possible before.
thats all really just wanted to post this life and technology maintenance experience.
mostly drink vodka and whiskey these days nothing super interesting to post as its all been said before.

cheers, almost weekend.
ck 2024/01/29(Mon)20:31 No.1706556698
file: 1706556698.png (2.14MB, image/png)
thinkpad wifi debugging
>why does it work
<how the fuck did it work
>it works again

sometimes knowing is not the whole battle, added another piece of tape and hoping for the best
ck 2024/01/31(Wed)18:05 No.1706720749
file: 1706720749.png (1.8MB, image/png)
<broke again
this time put on the black wire instead of white one from second antenna, pushed it a bit further down, moved tape. works again.
ck 2024/02/08(Thu)19:44 No.1707417848
file: 1707417848.png (1.57MB, image/png)
to one of my favorite irc channels existing a decade, if you know you know.
cheers lads, early weekend for me, have a good one
ck 2024/02/16(Fri)20:38 No.1708112310
file: 1708112310.png (1.76MB, image/png)
cognac, someone told me it was alright. I dont like it, would not recommend. its like whiskey but worse, too much taste, too thick.
thats all, have a good weekend, drink vodkers when you feel like it theres no reason to get anything else
ck 2024/02/29(Thu)16:34 No.1709220892
file: 1709220892.jpg (0.13MB, image/jpeg)
its only possible to shitpost on this day once every 4 years
ck 2024/03/09(Sat)12:58 No.1709985505
file: 1709985505.png (1.3MB, image/png)
new knowledge, these electrolite drink things (get them in powder tablet whatever, just avoid the sugar liquid ones) are pretty good for the day after drinking. they taste absolutely chemical but work, gets you right up to speed towards more drinking later.

thats all really, not drinking or doing anything noteworthy besides, have a good one
ck 2024/03/31(Sun)14:07 No.1711886877
file: 1711886877.png (1.68MB, image/png)
thrifted me a switch, linksys lgs124. hopefully allows internal traffic to be a bit simpler. will also allow me to use ports on sophos purely for subdividing into vlans and not as regular switch which cures some autism on the config side there.
pretty good time for 20 bux, apparently 140 ish new. thats all, go out there and get yourself some cheap old junk its a great time

ck 2024/04/08(Mon)19:21 No.1712596907
file: 1712596907.jpg (0.1MB, image/jpeg)
>update system
>things scream about glib2 not being up to date
>build glib2
>the build system wont run either because it wants up to date glib2
I hate it, I hope you hate it as well knowing this factoid

PS: did fix it by getting glib2 from repos to then build my glib2
ck 2024/04/12(Fri)20:09 No.1712945345
file: 1712945345.png (1.23MB, image/png)
its been a while but its time for another bottom shelf vodker review. this time from my local supermarkets tiny store in store.
price, practically the same as my goto favorite gorlovka.
taste, also pretty much the same, possibly even more hand sanitizer tasting
bottle, less soul.

if in a pince get it sure, for any other reason just go to gall.

thats all enjoy the weekend cheers
ck 2024/05/08(Wed)19:31 No.1715189491
file: 1715189491.png (2.16MB, image/png)
another story of breaking and fixing things
>come home
<pc doesnt boot past post, realize it was always fucked
<cmos: dead
<usb cables: shorted, multiple
<slotware: barely seated
<wiring: everywhere
>redo all such, unplug everything questionable
<nothing at all, not even post
>plug everything back in again
>boots without issue, even remembers uefi boot entry
and so ends another story in success, should I replace this 2012 pile of stuff, yes probably. will I, doubtful at this point.

also have the joy of a rare 4 day weekend with some holidays and production stops, enjoy, that is all cheers
ck 2024/05/31(Fri)20:48 No.1717181311
file: 1717181311.png (1.57MB, image/png)
I got some cachaca, pretty nice spirit.
think gin with the fruity is taste but less fresh, and not overpowring in fruitiness either. can still taste its actual alcohol like vodker.
pick it up if you see it 8/10
ck 2024/06/13(Thu)21:49 No.1718308159
file: 1718308159.png (2.13MB, image/png)
after many years of service I fucked up the amp beyond repair
it went something like last time
>doesnt want to standby
>try to bypass stuff, relay already bypassed
>never standby voltage
>try to apply it externally, smoke some stuff fumbling it
>eventually get it to turn on
>no sound, keeps saying overload everywhere, not even a hiss

I will try to find another boomer amp at local thrift stores soon, until then I suffer in static filled underpowered built in again
ck 2024/06/15(Sat)18:59 No.1718470779
file: 1718470779.png (1.51MB, image/png)
new bottomsehlf vodka review, the divine vodka in 3l box
- very okay tasting, not tasteless but almost fresh, pretty nice
- drinking from bag/box is a luxery feeling I didnt know I was missing in life
10/10 will buy again
ck 2024/06/20(Thu)17:25 No.1718897115
file: 1718897115.png (1.92MB, image/png)
I ordered some replacements, as usual I was bidding on 5 and ended up winning them almost all. currently using this one a sony strde445. every one purchased for around 15~20 bux, so far two broken, still a pretty good deal.

keep on fucking around thats all, cheers
ck 2024/07/05(Fri)19:53 No.1720201992
file: 1720201992.png (0.86MB, image/png)
so I got some sake, drink of nipon and all. similar to the strong zero and whiskey its very underwhelming.
its just white wine thats too sweet, nothing special, nothing amazing. I'm starting to get convinced the japanese and possibly asia as a whole knows nothing about drinking
1/10 save yourself the trouble