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ck 2021/11/27(Sat)14:33 No.1638019983
file: 1638019983.jpg (0.09MB, image/jpeg)
last night when drinking I wanted to make a post on my own blog/thread thing, just some stupid thoughts with an image of the drunk cat. but then I realized I never got around to making that blog page, so here it is.
its setup as simple as I could come up with, a timestamp_post.txt and a timestamp.ext to make up the post with image. then some terrible php to turn that into actual posts in this thread, and an endpoint for me to make posts.
thats all it is, quite like it tbh
ck 2021/11/27(Sat)23:24 No.1638051856
file: 1638051856.png (1.65MB, image/png)
so now that the full toolchain for comfy posting is setup I want to start off with sharing my festive sip atm.
late night bodged cream coffee:
- some advocaat (dutch thicker eggnog)
- add vodka until desired viscosity
- fill up with roughly 1/3 black coffee
ck 2021/11/27(Sat)23:34 No.1638052482
file: 1638052482.gif (0.03MB, image/gif)
wonder if it makes more sense to do this blog thread thing with new posts at the bottom or top, imageboards go with the former, and it'd make more sense to me. but all the current social media infinite scroll garbage goes with adding new stuff at the top.
might just add a little '#latest' label to go to the bottom, or since this post will still be in the top anyway let me tell you here to go there.

some more reflecting; its my blog im going to add new posts wherever I like, and I even threw on a #latest point at the bottom if you dont want to press page down or end
ck 2021/11/28(Sun)14:41 No.1638106873
not sure why anyone would ever want to keep track of this, but I did add an rss since thats what all the cool places seem to do now.
enjoy: https://xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g/blog/rss/
ck 2021/12/01(Wed)20:34 No.1638387294
file: 1638387294.png (2.65MB, image/png)
its that time of year again, merry decembermas. this year with real christmas tree.
recommended sips: lidl glühwein, dont bother picking up any more expensive ones or from other supermarkets, the lidl one is the nicest one. the only thing it lacks is alcohol % at only 8.5% abv, but its still nice with some vodka mixed in.
ck 2021/12/04(Sat)12:52 No.1638618747
file: 1638618747.webm (4.27MB, video/webm)
>there is now greentext
<and even redtext
rejoice; me, myself and I
ck 2021/12/06(Mon)19:00 No.1638813603
small PSA to also not bother buying advocaat unless its the lidl one, one from another supermarket had rosemary in it.
take care out there
ck 2021/12/09(Thu)20:56 No.1639079810
file: 1639079810.png (1.58MB, image/png)
so today I picked up another bottle of alcohol, as you do to celebrate the work day being over. and while I wasnt paying attention the cashier gift wrapped my bottle of stroh rum.
this gift wrapped bottle of discount rum (only 12.99 for 1l) with alcohol themed paper just sums up this month so well I thought I'd make a post about it.
look forward to how it'll do with the advocaat this weekend.

cheers all
ck 2021/12/10(Fri)21:05 No.1639166731
file: 1639166731.png (1.91MB, image/png)
another weekend another creamy holiday mix,
stroh rum and advocaat, or 'eggrog':
- some nice amount of stroh rum, take care if its the 80% abv
- add advocaat to desired creaminess

it really works surprisingly well, possibly also a good mix for jager but I've yet to try that.
as mentioned in >>1638051856 could also use eggnog, probably
ck 2021/12/10(Fri)23:55 No.1639176932
file: 1639176932.png (0.42MB, image/png)
if I close my eyes it burns like alcohol, also gluhwein with stroh is also a very valid mix
that is all havea nice weekend
ck 2021/12/17(Fri)21:10 No.1639771835
file: 1639771835.png (1.43MB, image/png)
sad news, advocaat and jager doesnt really mix. I think the problem is the jager is already pretty sugary so it just turns into sweeter even thicker jager, and I just dont like sweet stuff enough to enjoy this experience. if you like the idea of overly sweet liquorish in drink form, go for it though.
same mix as the stroh add advocaat till desired creaminess.

I for one will be sticking with my pure jager shots and 'eggrog'
ck 2021/12/27(Mon)19:16 No.1640628985
file: 1640628985.JPG (2.69MB, image/jpeg)
>setting up the site for small width due to my browsing setup has caused it to somewhat work for phones
please note that if this by any chance is also the case on your mobile device, it wasnt intentional.

this concludes the psa.
smartphones and their consequences have been a disaster for the internet and technology as a whole. I look forward to the day I no longer need to carry the one issued by work.
ck 2021/12/29(Wed)20:55 No.1640807730
file: 1640807730.png (1.26MB, image/png)
this lidl 'vermouth blanco' I picked up because they were out of glühwein: surprisingly good.
for some reason it just tastes exactly like cough syrup, and its great! the slightly sweet stingy mediciny taste of it goes very well cold on a wintery evening. as its only 14.5% abv though and a bit on the sweet side it can benefit from being strengthened with some vodka, besides that its pretty much perfect.

if you're ever at the lidl at the section that normally has the advocaat and glühwein in stock but they're all out because its near some holiday, pick some up by all means, definitely an okay winter sip.
ck 2021/12/31(Fri)00:33 No.1640907182
file: 1640907182.png (1.75MB, image/png)
RE, I guess: new years resolution (https://yukinu.com/blog/new-years-resolution.html)
I dont do any kind of new years resolution as some people do, but I do pretend to have goals like 'unfuck life this year hopefully'. which I intend to carry over from 2020 to 2022 as 2021 was a disaster in that regard.

on another note, cheers to all webring and blogging lads this year, its been fun and a pretty relaxing form of posting. while I do think I prefer regular nearly dead forums for back and forth chat just throwing random things happening atm out there is quite nice to do on a personal blog. it's also a good speed for my current life where I dont have much time on my hands and get back to stuff mostly the day after, similar to forums but more long lasting.
cheers to all trying to keep the old web vibes alive, hope to see it expand to more people and sites in 2022.
merry holidays and happy hacking.
ck 2022/01/01(Sat)15:22 No.1641046973
file: 1641046973.jpg (0.28MB, image/jpeg)
after seeing how nice and within spec attachments/enclosures on yukinus rss worked I decided to go with throwing any images or other files I attach in my blog posts in there in the rss feed.
I'm less reluctant to do it this way than adding more html into the posts. cant see any rss readers choking on it since they can just ignore the enclosure field, but let me know if they do.

due to readers caching posts it'll probably not show up on old posts unless you readd the feed, but you'll see it in this post at least, which contains a very useful image. at least now if I ever make a post including a picture with some schematic or drawing it'll also go over rss, the 2022 bleeding edge of technology experience.
ck 2022/01/01(Sat)15:53 No.1641048834
can pretty much nvm this point entirely, while it works fine in thunderbird, and has been a part of the spec since the 2000s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_enclosure, it just doesnt seem to work on any of the random other rss feed reader sites I'm testing, so its probably not widely adopted. whatever I guess.
if you want to see the images you can just go to the site like always, I made all attempts I'm willing to do to add the file into the rss feed as well.

bit of a shame really quite liked this as solution to bringing the attachments over to the rss feed.
ck 2022/01/08(Sat)22:35 No.1641677707
file: 1641677707.png (1.54MB, image/png)
back to the regular weekend sips, this is pretty much what I'm drinking 9/10 times.
a mix of coffee and bottomshelf vodka, my preferred method of preparing it:
- cold black coffee, just fill the entire mug
- drink some, maybe 1/3 of it or something
- fill it back up with vodka
- repeat throughout evening

this is a very versatile mix, since the strength will change depending on how far you get into the evening. it'll work fine for short evenings as it doesnt get that potent, and will get you plenty the way there in weekends.
ck 2022/01/15(Sat)21:59 No.1642280348
file: 1642280348.png (1.69MB, image/png)
I really like the lidl selection of dried sausage, if thats the proper english translation
especially the pepper one(left) is great because no one ever buys it, they're pretty cheap too and go down great as drinking snacks. as for drinks, still drinking the vodka coffee and lidl cough syrup tasting wine mixes, not much to talk about there. every time I pick up more flavored alcohols like rum or even whiskey I somewhat regret bothering so I'm probably just going to stick to random vodka mixes and plain vodka for the forseeable future, unless something interesting is on sale at the liquor store.

thats really all, I plan to make some more technology related posts in the future dont worry.
ck 2022/01/21(Fri)20:49 No.1642794578
file: 1642794578.png (1.8MB, image/png)
I know I promised technology related, but whatever its my blog anyway I can post whatever abysmal content I want.
this evening its mandarin vodka, as in mandarin in vodka. it knocks down the sweetness of the mandarin and gets rid of some of the rubbing alcohol taste of the vodka afterwords, a win win in my book, hell its probably even some form of healthy because theres fruit in it.

something something the true dutch drink because of cheapest dutch vodka + orange (mandarin) together at last
ck 2022/01/28(Fri)21:42 No.1643402546
file: 1643402546.png (1.68MB, image/png)
enjoying a college classic tonight, vodka and redbull. normally I wouldnt get redbull but it was on bulk sale today so I treated myself to make this nostalgic mix.
its just roughly 60/40, the light sparkling and taste is real nice, drinks away as easy as just redbull without being overly sweet, highly recommended for any nightly activities.

also so I can keep myself reminded of it, I will be posting a slightly more detailed structural overview of this blogging setup I have here. I saw some other anons in the lain webring post about how they set up theirs and I got motivated to write up some about this shitposting thread/blog I have here.

PS: might forget anyway in which case look forward to the next shitty vodka mix I'm drinking, cheers
ck 2022/01/28(Fri)22:53 No.1643406838
file: 1643406838.png (1.45MB, image/png)
instead of doing any of that, mixed up an entire batch of classic redbull + vodka, see you lads tomorrwo take care